Tekken Card Tournament

The deck
A deck always consists of 15 cards. Deck composition always follows these simple rules:
Base, Elite and Rare cards: No limit but no more than three times the same card.
Unique: No limit but no more than one time the same card.
Super-Rare cards: One is allowed in a deck.

The game
In Tekken Card Tournament, players face each other with a deck of attack cards.
The aim of the game is to choose the right time to either draw cards, attack or block opponent attacks. Fighters start with 90 HP and lose when their HP reaches 0.

The game is turn-based with each player taking simultaneous turns.
A turn consists of:
1.Choosing an action: Focus, Strike, Block
2.Establishing "Before the attack" effects
3.The attack
4.Establishing "After the attack" effects

The three actions
During each turn, the two fighters secretly choose between three actions: Focus, Strike or Block.
By choosing Focus, the player draws one card during the “After assault” phase. If the oppnent chooses to Strike during a Focus, the player discard one card. (Called Focus Break)
By choosing Strike, all the player's cards attack the opponent, then are discarded during the “After assault” phase.
By choosing Block, the first two cards of your opponent's attack are cancelled out.

Cards have effects. All effects are played automatically and simultaneously for both players.
To apply a card’s effects you have to complete its condition if the condition of a card is true then you have to apply its effects.

Attack mechanics
When Strike is played, all the player's cards in play are used in the attack.
The opponent may have Parry bonuses.
Parry cancels out damage from attacking cards from left to right. For every parry bonus of 1, one card is cancelled out.
Then the attacking cards are discarded after applying their “After assault” effects.