Tekken Card Tournament



  • What is Tekken Card Tournament?
  • Tekken Card Tournament is a collectible card game involving real-time duels. Collect the best cards to create your own ultimate deck to destroy opponents and win the top competitions.
  • How much does it cost?
  • The game is free to play and no subscription is required. You will be able to buy cards through booster packs with premium currency, should you wish to do so.
  • What do I need to play Tekken Card Tournament?
  • You can play online using a web browser, smartphone or tablet.
  • How often is the game updated?
  • The game is regularly updated with bug fixes and new content (new fighters may also be added).


  • I cannot install the game even though I have free memory on my SD.
  • You need 200MB free on your phone to install the game. This is because the game is first downloaded to the memory of your phone before game data is automatically installed on the SD Card.


  • How can I log-out?
  • Visit your profile by clicking on your level box (upper left corner of screen). Then click on the 'Account' box, then on the icon on the lower right.
  • I have lost my password. I can't get a new one
  • Please go back to log-in screen (the one with the Facebook button) to send an email including the reset password link. If you do not find the mail, check your spam box. If you definitively don't find it, or if the reset password link does not work, please contact us.
  • Is it possible to merge my Tekken account with my Facebook account?
  • Yes! Click on your profile button at the top-left of the screen to access your profile, then click the "Account" button with the pencil icon. From there, you can connect your Tekken account to your Facebook account by simply pressing the "Facebook" button and giving it permission to access your account.
  • Can I change the email address linked to my account?
  • As a general rule, you can't. Contact us in case of absolute necessity, for example if your email address is misspelled or no longer in use.

Game System

  • Can I play offline?
  • No. An internet connection is required to play the game. (If you disconnect, Heihachi will come in person to reconnect you if available).
  • What game modes are available?
  • You can play in Arcade Mode (PvE), Campaign Mode (PvE) or enter competitions and free challenges against other players (PvP).
  • What currency is used in the game?
  • There are two types of currency: Credits and Gold. Both types can be bought or won in-game. You can use the currency to buy booster packs and improve your cards.
  • What is the maximum level?
  • Level 99
  • What is the maximum team size?
  • 50 members.

Cards & Deck management

  • How many cards can be collected?
  • There are more than 500 cards available at the start of the game. New cards are regularly added.
  • How many characters are available?
  • There are currently 11 Tekken characters available at the start of the game.
  • How can I change characters?
  • To play with a different character than the one you chose at the beginning of the game, you must first create a new deck for them. To create a new deck, select 'My Cards' from the main menu then 'My Decks' and finally 'New Deck'. You must own a minimum of 15 cards related to a character to be able to create a deck for that character. To change your "active deck", click the checkbox across from your desired deck on the right side of the screen. Your active deck will have a blue check box. The best way to get 15 cards of a character quickly is a "Starter" pack.
  • What are the different types of card rarities?
  • Bronze - one star, Silver - two stars, Gold - three stars, Super-rare - four stars
  • What does the 'U' icon that some cards have in their top right corner mean?
  • U is for 'unique', meaning that you can't have more than one copy of that card in your deck.
  • What does the 'L' icon that some cards have in their top right corner mean?
  • L is for ‘limited’. You cannot have more than three limited cards in your deck (including your tag partner Limited cards).
  • What does the 'SR' icon that some cards have in their top right corner mean?
  • SR is for 'Super Rare'. Attack SR cards are limited to one SR per deck. (Note: Power cards aren't part of the Attack cards, therefore you can have one SR Attack card in your deck and still play with a SR Power card)
  • Can cards be made more powerful?
  • Yes, cards can be fused to create more powerful versions.
  • What are 'Effects'?
  • Most cards have special effects in addition to their regular damage. There are many different kinds of effects and each one changes the rules of the game just enough to make sure you're always on your toes.
  • Can I sell my cards?
  • No. You may combine cards of the same rarity with the "Create" feature to create a new card, or upgrade multiple copies of a card to combine them into a more powerful version of that card.
  • Can we exchange cards among players?
  • No, there is no exchange system.
  • I can't create a new deck…
  • To create a new deck, select 'Cards' from the main menu then 'My decks' and finally 'New deck'. 15 cards are required to create a deck. Add them from the card pool and name the deck using the pen button on the top left. Once completed, tap or click the back button and you will be prompted to save your new deck. Choose "OK". You have 3 decks slots available when starting the game. If you need more, you'll have to buy additional slots with in-game currency.
  • Can I delete my decks?
  • You can as long as you keep at least one playable deck. Select 'Cards' from the main menu then 'My decks', then open the deck you want to delete and click on the trash icon.


  • How can I participate to the leagues?
  • All you have to do is to click on the 'Novice league' or "Expert league" button in the 'Choose your fight' screen, then fight! Each league tournament only lasts for a short time, so be sure to get in there and fight! Rewards are given to all participants. The magnitude of your reward depends on your ranking in the tournament.
  • How is my score calculated?
  • Points are gained and lost depending on your strength compared to your opponent’s.
  • Which are the individual league rewards?
  • Rewards are displayed in the main screen of the league.
  • What about team league?
  • Our team league is tuned on the individual league result of the members of the team.
  • What does a team need to compete?
  • To compete, a team should have at least 10 members actively involved in the current league.
  • How is team score calculated?
  • The 10 best players' scores are taken into account to determine a team's score. So go fight for your team even if you are a beginner!
  • What are the team rewards?
  • At the end of each league, the best 25 teams are rewarded. Every member of a rewarded team earns Credits. The exact amount depends both on the ranking of the fighter's team and their position in the team: 'Champion' or 'Elite'. Champion members are the 10 highest ranking players of the team. Elite members are the others.

Bank, Credits & Gold

  • I have problem with an ingame transaction. E.g.: I have lost gold, I bought a booster but I did not get cards, I can't buy something despite having the required amount of Gold or Credits, I fuse cards and get nothing, etc.
  • Your personal data (amount of currency and cards owned) is probably out of date. To refresh it, visit your profile (by clicking on your avatar, top left corner of most screens). If the problem persists, log out from your account then log in again. If you are not Facebook connected, be sure you know your password before login out). If the problem still persists, contact us.
  • All my cards are gone! My Gold or my Credits are missing!
  • It is probably a synchronisation issue. Handle it as described in the previous answer.
  • I bought Credits and didn’t receive them
  • First, refresh your personal data as explained in the previous question. If the problem persists, send us the transaction receipt.
  • After buying Gold or Credits in the bank, I have been charged a different amount of money than what is displayed on the pack’s price.
  • If your play on mobile or tablet, please contact your mobile operating system support team:
  • If you play on your web browser, please contact your payment solution provider:
  • Is it possible to transfer Credits, Gold or cards, from an account to another?
  • No, even if the two accounts belongs to the same player. Enabling such transfers would unbalance the game economy. Remember that a new player gets a lot of gift: a starter, Credits for ending tutorial, and so on. It would be unfair to let some player accumulate these advantages in a single account.

Current issues

  • I lost a match because of a connection issue. Is there a way to get back my stamina and league points?
  • We are sorry you lost a fight because of a connection issue. We are working hard to decrease the frequency of these issues. However, every online game has connection issues and the common rule is that the player losing the connection loses the match. We really cannot do any exception. Sometimes, you will win a match for the same reason, so, it will compensate your current lost in some way.
  • How do I challenge another player?
  • You may only challenge another player who is your mutual friend. To challenge them, you must both be in the "Free Battle" lobby. If you are both friends with each other, a punch icon will appear across from your friend’s name. You just need to click on the punch icon to send a challenge. Note that you can NOT challenge another player in League matches.
  • What are the known crash causes?
  • Avast antivirus is known to cause unexpected random crashes on both Web and Android versions. We currently have no other recommendation than to replace Avast by an other antivirus solution. On Android and iOS, low available RAM can also be source of random crashes.


  • How can I contact you?
  • On the main menu of the game, use the option button (bottom right) and click on 'Support'. Please, read carefully the FAQ before contacting us.